Cycling is a great sport, not only do you get that buzz from the physical exertion and enjoyment having achieved your goal, but you also get to tinker with all sorts of mechanical and electronic goodies. Having spent many years cycling, my experience has created a passion for the bikes and the sport both on and off road. The strive to cycle faster, longer and harder has driven a need to consider what makes one bike better than another, or one set of wheels more effective than another.

Having spent a number of years working as a cycle mechanic running my own Cycle Workshop as The Cycle Technician, more and more customers were asking for wheel builds and renovation. I actually found it very satisfying either creating or renovating wheels. The process of sorting out the components, making the calculations, then building up and adjusting the dimensions and tensions and seeing the final result is a real pleasure. 

Velo Wheels is about creating a centre of wheel building excellence. Park Tools have dominated the workshop to date, however in line with the industry best I have sourced a P&K Lie Truing Stand and Tension Meter and have a number of bespoke benches and storage racks to facilitate the new capability. Sources of supply and stock have also been built up to enable a comprehensive market offer of top brands at competitive prices. I am lucky enough to have a large garage that I have converted to a workshop, for now this provides a great working space.

Sporting Heroes Team GB are an inspiration to us all, their performance in Rio on the track was stunning, and of course Chris Froome's performance again in the TDF was a highlight. Living in Oundle means that we have been fortunate to see the start of the Women's Tour a couple of years running, seeing the team vans lined up, and the ladies warming up on their cycle trainers made an excellent mornings entertainment, even managed to capture Laura Trott beaming on the start line. The UK downhill mountain bikers also have a tour de force last year, with Rachel Atherton's performance simply outstanding. 

Personal Goals This year I aim to do the Fred Whitton again but am targeting a sub 9 hour time so I am training already. Last year I collected £650 for Macmillan Cancer Care which has gained me automatic entry. After last years debacle that saw me pull out of the Kielder 101 after 15 miles due to a mechanical (my seatpost let go!) I will enter again this year. I will enter some local MTB races and am also pulling together a race team focussed on the Mud Sweat and Gear Series.