Creating a quality set of hand built wheels requires much thought. We have developed a multi-step process to ensure that we get it right for you.

1.0 What does the rider need?

The first stage in the process is to determine what the rider really needs - the riding style, the build of the rider, the desired look for the wheel set and any budgetary considerations. To help you with this we have created our favourite Wheel Selections, with options that you can choose, which we will then build for you. We also have a Ready Built stock items that have already been hand built to a specification. Alternately we can Custom Quote a set to meet your needs, so you already know what you want. If you want advice on a wheel set, or to find one suitable for your needs, then please call on 01832 358 732.

2.0 Selection / Quotation

If you have chosen from our Wheel Selection we aim to supply your set to you within 10 working days. Ready built stock we aim to deliver within 48 hours from order. For Custom Quotations we will indicate to you the timescales based on your requirements; assuming that the products are from our established suppliers then it would normally be 10 working days, but it will depend on availability of the parts. 

3.0 Wheel Building

This is a multi-stage process and getting it right is critical to providing you with a reliable, quality product. We have invested in the best available Truing Stand and Tension Meter from P&K Lei so you can be confident of a consistent build. The building process is as follows:- 

  1. From the selected components calculate the spoke lengths required and determine the maximum rim tension from the manufacturer's specifications.
  2. Lace the wheels in the appropriate lacing pattern with the selected spokes and nipples.
  3. Apply Loctite 222 to the threads (this is a low strength thread locker that will prevent spokes becoming loose but also allow adjustment later in the wheel life). Apply spoke prep oil to the nipple holes to lubricate the adjustment process.
  4. Take up the slack on all nipples tightening so all they are at the same start point before the tensioning process begins.
  5. Make the initial visual adjustment, truing the rim laterally and radially, this adjustment is made on the Park Truing stand.
  6. The wheel is then transferred to the P&K Lie stand, and the measurement meters adjusted to measure the starting tolerances. The radial and lateral high and low spots are adjusted at this point to within the +/- 0.15mm.
  7. Tension is applied gradually to each spoke by turning each nipple a whole turn to begin with then 1/2 turn then 1/4 turn checking the lateral and radial trueness as the adjustments are made.
  8. Tension is then checked and adjusted using the P&K Lie calibrated tension meter to 90% of the manufacturers recommended rim tension.
  9. There is tendency for spokes to twist as tension is applied, this is called wind up. Care is taken to limit this twist; however to counter any wind up the wheel is manually stressed both as a whole wheel and by individual spoke. The effect of not stress relieving may be that nipples loosen over time.
  10. The radial and lateral tolerance is rechecked and adjusted to within the tolerance limits

5.0 Wheel Completion

A standard rim tape will be fitted to the rim. If requested and appropriate for the rim tubeless tape can be fitted at an extra cost. In addition we can supply and fit Tubulars, Clinchers with tubes, or tubeless with sealant. To speed your installation of the wheel we can also fit cassettes and discs.

6.0 Despatch

Your wheels will be carefully packed complete with your build record, customer reference number and guarantee, and then delivered by recorded insured courier service to your stated delivery address.