The Requirement

These wheels were created to go with a road bike frame that has been specifically designed for the rougher road terrain or for the cyclist looking for a robust all day touring set up. The need was for a disc specific wheel set capable of taking 23, 25 or 28mm tyres, preferably tubeless to enable lower tyre running pressure avoiding those awful pinch flats and complimenting the harsh environment that the bike will likely encounter.

The Solution

Stans ZTR Grails were chosen as the rim, they have been designed specifically for harsh road or cyclocross environment. The rim section is the most aerodynamic Stan's have made to date, and their proven Bead Socket Technology makes the rim a dream to set up tubeless. Hope Pro II EVO hubs were chosen for their robust proven engineering design. To compliment the set up Sapim D Light spokes were selected as they are light and designed to cope with rotational torsion that disc braking applies to wheels. Schwalbe One Tubeless tyres set up with a dose of Stan's Tubeless Sealant, these have been proven to have a lower rolling resistance than the equivalent tubed tyre and of course the added advantage of a greatly reduced chance of puncturing in operation. So if you're riding the Tour of Flanders or Paris-Roubaix this could be the set up for you, aero section performance, low rolling resistance, high resilience to the harsh environment. These wheels also make an ideal Cyclocross set up.

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