The Requirement

This customer was building up a Genesis Croix De Fer as a go anywhere bike. He had purchased the frame and was looking for a robust pair of disc wheels set up as tubeless.

The Solution

After reviewing a number of different options the HED Belgium Plus Disc rims were chosen for their robust high quality welded build, combined with Hope Pro4 Disc Hubs stitched together with Sapim D Light spokes. 


The benefits of tubeless set has been experienced for many years now in the mountain biking arena, however with the event of more roadies venturing out on onto gravel roads has led to a rethink. These wheels were set up with Schwalbe G One Micro skin Tubeless tyres, Joe's Tubeless sealant, tape and valve. My experience of using this set up for mountain biking has been that I can't remember the last emergency stop for a tyre issue. On my road bike I have run Hutchinson Fusions now for 2 years and haven't stopped for a puncture. To my mind the slight weight penalty outweighs the benefits many times over of the inconvenience of stopping and changing a tube when you are cold and wet. Rolling resistance is also reduced.

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