Rims are the contact point with the ground. Choice has to be dependant on application. As the rim and tyre are at the extremity of the wheel they have significant effect on the energy required to accelerate and decelerate. The lighter the mass at this extremity the less energy required to change velocity. Another consideration is the aero-dynamics of the section when travelling at speeds above 20 mph.

Below are some of our favourite rim profiles for different usages:-

Road Rim Brake

Road Traditional, Touring, and Track

Road and Cyclocross Disc

Mountain Bike

For cobbles or off road activity or for the heavier rider the strength of the rim section becomes important. Of course how the wheel looks will also be critical to the discerning cyclist. To enable us to deliver against these varying requirements we have selected a broad range of top quality suppliers.


Ambrosio supply a range of traditional styled quality rims manufactured in Italy.

   Boyd Cycling was started in 2009 by Boyd Johnson. Having been a professional cyclist for many years, he turned his passion for riding bikes to focus on making initially bikes, but then focussing exclusively on wheels. They have some great rims that we are featuring now in our range. 
    Easton have been world renowned for their wheel sets, they are now selling quality rims to aftermarket builders. They have started with an offer into the popular 23mm road and wide all MTB wheel sets.
    H Plus Son make high quality stylish rims for road and track applications. Their rims are robust and well made, a joy to work with. If you ever wondered how a rim is drawn from an aluminium blank check out their video.
  HED are a manufacturer of premium quality wheel components. Their wheels and rims are well known for their cutting edge design delivering fast,  reliable, aero-dynamic well rounded product 
    Mavic are synonymous with wheel and rim manufacturing, supplying top teams all around the world, they have some classic aftermarket build rims in their range, it would simply be wrong for them not to appear in our range. 
  Pacenti's rims are amongst the best in the world, they are innovative and driving new standards such as the 650B, driven by a passion for cycling. They are a big favourite and figure strongly in our road and MTB offer. 


  Ryde (formerly Rigida) have been making rims since 1908 and have a world-wide manufacturing base. They have an extensive range of road and MTB rims. They are focussed on developing their aluminium technology, some of their XC rims build up lighter than carbon fibre in the same class.

  Stan's make some great road and MTB rims. They have been at the forefront of tubeless technologies with their famous bead socket technology for the last decade. We have set up many tubeless road and MTB wheel sets, they are excellent quality and just work.
    Velocity make a broad range of rims for road, track and mountain biking. The company developed their range starting in the early 90s targeted at the custom wheel builder that has led to a reputation for delivering top quality product with many different variants.