Hubs form a key part of the wheel, affecting the stiffness, rolling resistance, drive engagement and overall weight. There are 2 common types of bearing that are used, cup and cone and sealed cartridge bearings. The majority of hubs we specify use sealed cartridge bearings, though there are a number of hubs that use cup and cone, both systems are robust and maintainable. The beauty of the sealed cartridge is that they can simply be swapped out when they wear. Cup and cone bearings are easily serviceable and should be regularly maintained to ensure long a long life, failure to update the grease can be costly as once the cups rust or pit the hubs are ruined and would need to be replaced.

Drive activation systems vary from the most common ratchet and pawl, to the more sophisticated American Classic drive and top of the range Chris King ring drive. The activation angle (e.g. how many degrees the hub turns before it engages drive) varies dependent on the number of engagement points and relates to the distance you pedal before drive is translated to forward motion. With the exception of Shimano's lower cost hubs (which require complete replacement rather than maintenance) most are maintainable with regular cleaning and re-application of lubricant or by replacing bearings, pawls or drive rings. Another consideration is the sound, some hubs can be quite noisy when free wheeling, and some are quieter, personal preference is important here. 

We can source hubs from the following suppliers, click on the logos to find out more:-


Ambrosio have a range of traditional looking hubs, they are available in black and silver finish and come with Japanese sealed bearings.

    American Classic hubs have a unique six pawl drive mechanism that engages all of the pawls simultaneously giving rapid drive torque transfer. With the exception of the micro hub they have a wide diameter lightweight body and steel engagement strips on the aluminium forged freehub body avoiding the locking that can occur. A favourite to build up lightweight wheel sets.
  Campagnolo Record hubs are a tried and tested classic for aftermarket wheel builds so if you want a wheel set that compliments the rest of your Campagnolo set up these are a good choice. 

Chris King have been renowned for making very high quality stylish hubs for road, MTB and track applications. They have a patented RingDrive mechanism that has 45 simultaneous engagement points with virtually no drag. They come with a complete with a 5 year guarantee and have reputation for longevity. The bearings are made in house and designed to be serviceable. They are available 9 beautiful anodised colours.  

  Hope are a leading UK manufacturer of premium quality cycle components. Their hubs are manufacturer in their factory in Barnoldswick. They have an established reputation for good quality well engineered reliable product. The latest pro 4 MTB hubs are the latest development of their popular Pro 2 evo range. Combined with their lightweight durable RS Mono Road hub they have a range that covers most needs.
    Halo hubs are designed in the UK and manufacturer by a leading component engineering company in the far east, this enables delivery of high specification robust, quality product at a reasonable price. The drive hubs use a 6 pawl mechanism giving 12 engagement points over 30 clicks.  
  Miche manufacture a wide variety of cycle components from their manufacturing base in Italy. Their hubs are robust forged aluminium with replaceable sealed bearings. The Italian styling makes for good looking reasonably priced wheels. 
  Paul manufacture high quality cycle components and their hubs are second to none. They look stylish, and their sheer quality and feel make them a popular choice for single speeder or track bike.  
  Phil Wood & Co manufacturers a range of high end cycle components. Their hubs rank alongside Paul and Chris King. From their manufacturing base in California they make a range of unique robust componentry.

  Powertap were one of the first in the market with a credible power meter, having a meter built in where the power is delivered gives a true reading. Build it in to your custom wheelset to match your set up precisely.


Rohloff make the best geared hubs in the world, they are high quality, robust and innovative. There are a wide variety of solutions with many differing gear ratios to meet your needs. 

    Shimano are world renowned for making for making quality cycling components across the quality and cost spectrum. Their hubs use the cup and cone system and generally sealed freehub assemblies.
  SON Schmidts Original Nabendynamo manufacture high quality dynamo hubs and LED headlights they set the benchmark for smooth running precision hubs and effective LED lights.
  SP Dynamo make a wide variety of dynamos that can be built into your wheel set to provide lighting, mobile device or battery charging. The hubs are available in Silver, Black or Red to fit most common wheel diameters.
  Sturmey Archer make a wide range of affordable geared and brake hubs suitable for road and MTB applications.