Our customers come to us for a variety of reasons, the most frequent are:-

  • The wheels are built to meet my specific needs, not just what is supplied with the bike.
  • I can choose the bits that I need to create the look and feel that I want.
  • The factory built set that came with the bike were poorly built (we have seen many brand new sets that needed truing) and too heavy (wheel sets supplied with bikes are specified to work for a wide rider range from 50kg to 100kg).
  • I want to improve the specification of my bike, changing the wheels provides me with the most cost effective performance improvement.
  • I want these wheels to look like classic originals to match the renovation that I am doing.

The key thing is that we will listen to your needs and look to accommodate them from a broad range of suppliers for brand new. Or if we can help by rejuvenating that classic Campagnolo set of hubs by stripping, polishing and building them into a new set of classic looking rims, then we will.