Cycling continues to grow in popularity and this increasing demand has created a desire to personalise your bike to meet your specific needs, rather than accept the vanilla flavour delivered from the factory. A critical part of any cycle is the wheels, as making the right choice of components will have a significant effect on performance, comfort, longevity and the look of your machine. VeloWheels aim is to help you translate your requirements into your dream set of wheels.

The benefit of having a set specifically made for you is that each component can be chosen to match your riding goals, style, weight and desired look. There are a number of ways we can help you do this. You can call for advice and we will talk through your needs and make recommendations, or we can help build on ideas you may already have. We have also created a number of our favourite wheel selections for specific applications that you can select from, or we can start from a standard set and customise them for you.

Having selected the right components the build process is critical to ensure that your wheels fit your bike properly and last. The key considerations are the radial and lateral trueness (how round is the wheel and how much does it move from side to side) and the tension applied to the spokes. The tension is important to ensure that the wheels support the bike and rider without loosening over time.

Our process begins by calculating the correct spoke lengths, lacing spokes in the desired pattern and then applying spoke preparation and a locking compound to the threads. At this point the initial tension is applied and a preliminary truing made. To deliver a consistent high quality build we have invested in a P&K Lie precision truing stand which can measure variations down to +/-0.025mm. It also measures the lateral and radial measurements concurrently so as tension is applied you can see the impact immediately and this enables us build the tension evenly whilst maintaining the wheel within tolerance. To finish, each spoke has its tension measured and adjusted to the manufacturer’s tolerance, stress relieving takes place and final measurements are checked.

So the wheel is ready to go. We apply a suitable rim strip and any finishing kit such as tubeless set up, tyres, cassette or disc if required. The goods are then custom packaged and courier delivered. Alternately you can call into our workshop for fitting.