The Requirement

The customer owned a single speed commuter bike made with quality components that received regular usage. The front wheel rim had worn badly but the Nabendynamo hub was in good working condition. He had already selected the H Plus Son Archetype rim and wanted silver Sapim Race spokes.

The Solution

Looking at the requirement and the proposed set up it all looked sound, the only real enhancement was the hub. The silver Archetype Rims are lovely, they glint in the sunlight and on the right frame are a real head turner. The hub was in good condition but had become oxidised. So the hub was hand polished to match the rim. The Archetype Rims are 23mm wide and will take up to a 28mm tyre with no problem. Using 23 or 25mm tyres provides an aero look to the wheel, the wider rim providing a robust comfortable ride.

The set up for the customer bike required that the front light be driven by the dynamo and also that a USB port be available to charge phone or GPS devices. An Igaro D1 was used as the converter to provide a steady USB source and a Son Edelux II front light delivering up 100 lux of light. We can supply these items as part of our service.

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