The Requirement

The customer was looking for a Single Speed rear wheel for his fatty. He had bought a second hand Phil Woods Single speed hub and want to either pair it with a Velocity Dually or a Stans Hugo, the Hugo won out. As the customer had bought the hubs the budget for the build was sub £180.

The Solution

Stan's ZTR Hugo 52 Rim this great quality robust rim features low profile Bead Socket Technology providing the best tubeless set up available. The 32 hole hub was laced in a 3X pattern using Sapim D Light spokes onto the Phil Wood single speed hub, providing a robust resilient wheel set. 25mm tubeless tape applied to the rims and Veet Tire Co Trax Fatty tyres popped on, a bit of soapy water applied to the rim, and the tyre seated perfectly. The look and feel of the final assembly is great. 

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